As the saying goes: "House Movement = Soil ± Water + Time." It's pretty much inevitable that one day, you will notice cracks in your walls, tight doors or windows, or sloping floors. These are symptoms of the shifting soil around your house. When the soil moves, your house moves with it. Occasionally, the shifting can be remedied by simply adjusting your teleposts. But in other more severe cases, foundation repair will be necessary.


But, in either scenario, how can you (or your contractor) accurately know how much adjustment is needed, and where the changes have to be made? That's where our Floor Elevation Surveys come in.

A Floor Elevation Survey is a floor plan of your house on which the elevations of the floor (taken at regular intervals) have been labeled. The survey provides valuable data that helps identify the ideal solution for the areas experiencing movement. If you didn’t have the survey, you would just be guessing on what area(s) you need to repair.