Houses in Manitoba are subject to a lot of movement (due to the shrinkage and expansion of the clay soil). Floor Elevation Surveys help provide a clear picture of exactly how your house has shifted. If repairs are needed, the accurate data from a survey will help save a lot of the time and money that's usually wasted due to guesswork.

Floor Elevation Survey

Below are three common reasons to schedule a Floor Elevation Survey:

1. You Have Noticed Movement

If you've noticed shifting inside your house, and are eager to remedy the problem, it's best to get a Floor Elevation Survey done first. The survey will give you the accurate information needed to make a sound decision on what kind of repairs you will need to do, and where.

From our own experiences, we once went to a house to adjust their teleposts, but after doing a survey, it became clear that the house desperately needed underpinning!

2. Neighbouring Construction

Infill developments are common in Winnipeg. The hole for the new basement is often dug quite close to the neighbouring houses. Although the builders should be setting up strong shoring walls to protect the soil and the foundations of the neighbouring houses, this practice is often done poorly, if not neglected entirely!

Unfortunately, there is no regulation on shoring walls. The city won't do anything about it, and consulting the construction company directly will at best get you better shoring.

We recommend that as soon as you notice that a neighbouring house is going to be demolished, schedule a Floor Elevation Survey. If you notice movement that appears to be a direct result of the neighbouring construction, you will have proof (stamped by an engineer) that the damages were caused by the infill construction (in case you want to go to court).

3. To Create A Baseline

If you've recently purchased your home, or you've been in your home for some time and haven't noticed any issues, we highly recommend getting a survey done anyway, in order to create a Baseline. Once you do start noticing shifting, having a baseline is quite useful because not only will we know "where" and "by how much" your house has shifted, we will also know "in how much time." For example, 4 inches of movement in 6 months is cause for alarm, while 4 inches in 25 years is considered normal, and thus repairs wouldn't be necessary.

Foundation Movement Monitoring

Additional surveys that are taken periodically, or only when you sense more movement, in order to identify any and all changes since the previous survey.

Ceiling Elevation Survey

In case you have noticed any kind of movement in your ceiling, a Ceiling Elevation Survey will help determine the ideal solution.

Telepost Adjustment

If the results of a survey show that only Telepost Adjustment(s) are necessary, and you would prefer having professionals adjust them (rather than doing it yourself), this is another service we provide.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

If you're looking to open up your living space, we can safely and securely help with the removal of one or more load bearing walls.

Wood Post Replacement

We replace outdated or damaged wood posts with steel teleposts. Damaged wood posts are sometimes the cause of upper floor(s) settlement.